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Geocaching is a fun little pastime akin to treasure hunting. Over three million small containers are scattered across the globe, created by the geocaching community, waiting to be rediscovered by anyone willing to search, each with a set of geological coordinates recorded and posted online to give a starting point for the search. Anyone who finds a specific “Cache” is expected to leave behind their alias and the date of discovery as a record of each encounter.

My brothers and I became interested in the idea when, during a family party, my cousins pulled up a web browser and found a few nearby geocaches within walking distance. We all marched out in search of a small container which can often be as tiny as a bottle cap and sometimes as large as a lunchbox and ended up finding two in different locations. They’re usually hidden slightly to prevent wanderers from stumbling across them and unknowingly disrupting the cache. I haven’t found many myself, but the wholesome satisfaction that comes with finding one is a great experience that I would love to find the time for again.

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