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Interesting Internet Assets

Whenever I encounter something that I find interesting, I investigate to gain a better understanding of it, usually with the help of the internet. Many creative projects and concepts are shared daily by thousands of people on the internet. I often wish to reference those projects later on as inspiration for my own designs, or draw clever features from them, so I tend to save images of such projects to my computer either just to check back with or to use to reverse-search for the project later on. I find it useful to search for an image or video that can easily sum up a topic or concept, either for sharing, referencing later, or trying to understand the concept myself. I save images of things like online charts for material properties, statistical shortcuts, optical illusions, machinery diagrams, strange computational errors, useful math functions and unique projects.

I find that most things that I’m curious about have already been thought of by others, many of which have shared their conclusions in some form online, including forum comments, articles, video posts and images. To give an example, I have been interested in the ways that involute curves interact with different geometries lately and was able to find hundreds of GIF images demonstrating that interaction. Primarily I wanted to save these images to look back at their concepts later without having to think of search terms that would hopefully point me to them online. It can save a lot of time and help with design-choice inspiration to have a single place to go back to for a quick reminder.

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