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Media Editing

The Adobe Creative Suite software collection has been an extremely useful tool for me in the years between 2012 and the present. When I got my DSLR camera, I quickly found that there were small changes that I wished to make to my photos to bring them closer to what I had intended when I took them such as contrast, exposure and saturation adjustments as well as chromatic aberration reduction. Lightroom quickly became my favorite piece of software capable of performing those operations, but it was soon replaced with Photoshop.

I used to use MS Paint and disliked the use of complex layer-based programs like Photoshop and Gimp, but once I started using them I quickly understood why it was such a popular editing method. Layers, masks, advanced color, blending, lighting and touch-up tools sped up the effects I wanted to achieve by hundreds of times and made the final products so much more attractive than what I used to be capable of using only MS Paint.

I have slowly spread out to other Creative Suite software like Adobe Premier and After Effects, without which the state of this site would have been very unimpressive. I was able to form and add visual effects to videos constructed from image clips exported by my modeling software and stabilize footage that would have been otherwise un-watchable thanks to Premiere’s advanced editing tools. The footage that I started out with took up an incredible 13 gigabytes for merely an hour and 11 minutes of video, which I was able to compress down to a much more manageable 3.7 gigabytes of the same footage using Premiere’s h.264 compression ability.

Adobe Audition has impressive and powerful tools for noise reduction, equalization and selective-frequency editing that have made certain projects possible that otherwise would have been unfeasible with software like Audacity. Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere and Audition have made media editing a joy rather than a pain and have opened doors for my creativity and self-expression, especially on this site. I usually operate at least one Creative Suite product every few days and now count the suite as a staple application-set without which my daily progress would be greatly hindered. I learn a new feature designed to make workflow smoother and more efficient nearly every time I sit down to work which speaks volumes to the thought that went into making this complex and capable software.

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